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You may not realize how many unwanted houseguests are staying with you at this very moment. On average, there are at least 100 different TYPES of insects and bugs inside of your house. That’s a lot considering that number only takes “type” into consideration and not the actual amount of bugs.

Obviously, with all of this life enveloping the neat and ordered domain of human beings, not all of these insects and bugs are pests. Most of them go about their lives completely without our knowledge.

But there are plenty of bugs and insects that don’t play well with humans—or with the homes of humans.


Termite Inspection Montgomery, AL

Termites are sometimes called the “silent destroyer” because of how they will burrow into the foundations of houses and may go unnoticed for extended periods of time before they are ever detected.

Termites are detritivores, which means they eat dead plants and trees. This is why the wooden parts of house foundations, furniture, and even books are the prey of this tenacious pest.


Lawn Service Montgomery, AL

You’d like a greener lawn, but you’d also like more time for other things. After a long day at work, the last thing you feel like doing is running circles around your yard in order to get it properly fertilized, weeded, and treated for insects.

That’s why Target Exterminating and Lawn Care in Montgomery, Alabama provides residential lawn care in the form of weed and insect control and fertilization so you can keep your time to yourself.


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