The 5 Best Roofers Serving Montgomery, AL

This is a great place to start when looking for a Montgomery, AL roofer.  These roofers will provide roof inspections, roofing repairs, and complete roof replacement.


If you think your roof is nearing the end of it’s life, then it may be time for roof inspection.  Leaks, loose shingles, and sandy gravel in your gutters may be good indications that your roof is experiencing lots of wear.  The good news is that most roofers will provide complimentary roof inspections as well as a quote to replace your roof.


When you start to see your ceilings becoming discolored it may be a warning sign that you have a leaky roof.  Often, these signs go unchecked and can lead to much bigger problems like water damage and mold.  Get your roof repaired and prevent a large roofing repair bill down the road.


Many asphalt shingles will last 25 years or more if they are not subject to storm damage, wind damage, or hail damage.  If you have a roof that needs replacement, then it is best to remove the existing roof and replace with a new one.  Although, you may opt to save a little time and money by installing a new roof over your existing roof.  Consult with a licensed roofer to see what option is best for your Montgomery, AL roof.