Our Approach to Mosquito Control in Montgomery, AL

Your Extermitech technician will scout your yard to identify mosquito hotspots. We pinpoint areas where adults congregate to maximize the efficacy of this important prong of the treatment. Then, we seek out areas with standing water where the eggs are deposited.

Water is a critical element in the mosquito’s lifecycle. Both larvae and pupae live in the water as they mature. Even small amounts of moisture held in the cavities of trees, in puddles or in tires can support many immature mosquitoes. Various species prefer slightly different habitats. However, our treatment methods are equally effective at eliminating the most common species.

Controlling Invasive Mosquitoes in Montgomery

Moisture elimination is an important element of any mosquito control program. If moisture cannot be eliminated permanently, your technician will apply larvicides that prevent young mosquitoes from maturing. The larvae molt several times, so there’s a valuable treatment window before the pupa stage, which occurs just before the mosquitoes leave the water as adults.

Flexible Treatment Programs for Eliminating Mosquitoes

If you’re planning a summer barbecue or backyard party, call us before your guests arrive. Our one-time treatments are fast acting and long lasting. They eliminate adult mosquitoes and the next generation. Our experts will time the treatment so that your property is pest free before the big day.

Monthly Mosquito Treatments

Protect your family from irritating bites and nasty mosquito-borne diseases by signing up for a monthly treatment plan. Over time, the effects of outdoor pest control programs diminish. Periodic reapplications provide ongoing protection by controlling mosquitoes that arrive from other areas.

Ongoing and Seasonal Treatment Plans

Warm temperatures in the spring, summer and fall create an extended mosquito season in Montgomery and neighboring parts of Alabama. If you want ongoing protection for your family, we offer seasonal mosquito control programs.

We’ll visit your property and treat mosquito hotspots regularly so that you can enjoy a bug-free yard whenever you spend time outdoors. Extermitech proudly offers no-contract pest management plans. To cancel or pause your service schedule, just contact the office by phone or email. Customers who pay ahead receive competitive discounts on our treatment programs.

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