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Temp Agency Montgomery, AL

Our proven 3-Day Hiring Process, which is completed by each applicant, ensures that only skilled, reliable, trustworthy and commited individuals our employees. We then send skilled, reliable, trustworthy and committed people from our temp agency to your facility.

In the decade-plus that we’ve been in business, Allegiance Staffing Agency has developed a reputation for delivering results that are far superior to other staffing agencies and temp agengies:

  • We’ve been awarded Inavero’s Best of Staffing™ Certification.
  • More than 76 percent of our clients call us their preferred staffing provider (compared to a 36 percent industry average).
  • We have a 98 percent order fill rate.
  • We have just a 7 percent turnover rate with our temporary employees.
  • Almost all (99.2 percent) of employees are asked to return to their initial assignments.

Temp Services Montgomery, AL

Need some additional manpower during seasonal or peak times for your business?  Allegiance Staffing Agency can help provide temporary or seasonal workers.  Our higher safety standards and safety training ensures we minimizes the risk of accident and injury on your site. In fact, our incident rate is just 11 per 200,000 man hours, compared to the staffing industry average of 41.


Staffing Agency Montgomery, AL

Looking for a job in Montgomery?  Come see us and fill out a profile, so we can start looking for your next career. We’re just as serious about staffing our offices with the best staffing specialists as we are with placing you where you will succeed! Allegiance Staffing’s placement specialists have an average of seven years in the staffing industry.

Never settle. Never accept anything but the best.  Give us a call today to get started on a personalized assessment of your temporary staffing and work needs!  

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